Riello offering 5 Year Warranty on 1-3kVA products
April 10, 2019

As a Riello Partner, we are pleased to confirm that for the Riello 1-3kVA plug and play UPS’s, a warranty of 5 years (excluding battery) is being offered. This was put in place and available from 14th January 2019.

This warranty will cover any mechanical faults or failures during the first five years from purchase. This is significantly longer than the two or three-year warranty periods typically available.


“A UPS provides priceless protection against damaging IT downtime, so when a customer buys from us they’re placing huge faith that our products are up to such a crucial task.

“Warranties help provide that all-important peace of mind. Extending ours to a full five years clearly demonstrates the complete confidence we have in the exceptional reliability and long-lasting performance of our UPS systems.

“That’s because we design and manufacture all the units we stock, giving us ultimate quality control.”Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS

Riello UPS’s 

Riello 5yr Warranty article



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