The management of Harland Simon UPS Ltd is committed to the providing quality AC & DC power solutions which fully meet customer requirements.


The Company will endeavour to ensure that all products and services are provided within the required timescales agreed.


Meet required standards of performance and reliability & satisfy all relevant statutory and safety requirements.


The Directors of Harland Simon UPS Limited are totally committed to maintaining the Company’s long-standing registration to ISO9001 as set out in the latest version of the Company Quality Policy (available upon request). The latest version of ISO9001, ISO9001:2015 continues to build and expand on the precepts of previous versions, but with an increasing emphasis on:


  • Customer Focus
  • Demonstrable leadership from top management
  • Risk-based thinking
  • Process-based methodology


Everybody within Harland Simon UPS LTD understands their role and duties within the organisation as a whole as well as within individual departments

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