Riello Sentryum AC UPS – NEW
September 23, 2019

Riello’s third generation of transformerless online UPS systems. The 10-20 kVA Sentryum rewrites the concept of flexible power by offering a choice of three compact cabinet sizes to suit the needs of any small data centre or mission-critical application.

Enhanced overload and short circuit capacity guarantee maximum availability. Incorporating a 5-inch colour touchscreen display and intuitive LED status indicator that automatically changes colour based on the UPS’s current operating state.

  • Flexible choice of 3 cabinet sizes (Compact, Active, Xtend)
  • Operating efficiency up to 96.5% (online mode)
  • Delivers unity power factor (kVA = kW)
  • High overload and short circuit capacity
  • Large colour touchscreen display and LED status indicator

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