HPU-M-XXXX – Integrated UPS Systems
July 31, 2018

Harland Simon UPS LTD design and manufacture an extensive range of rugged, space saving, easy to maintain AC UPS systems for critical on-shore and off-shore applications.

We utilise COTS AC UPS module and integrate it into a well designed, protected IP54 enclosure system offering the end user a quality, rugged, long life UPS system to provide protected power for their critical loads. Utilising COTS equipment future proofs the design (long service support) so in the future the Power Module (UPS) could be replaced by a form-fit-function replacement.

All critical components i.e. UPS modules & Battery Trays are installed on runners & integrated into the IP54 enclosure for ease of maintenance. 10 Year Design Life batteries to supoport the load for 30 Minutes Autonomy

HPU-M-XXXX - Integrated UPS Systems

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