GE VH Series UPS – CE Listed (700VA-3kVA)
August 7, 2018

The GE VH Series UPS is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion range providing secure power for all onboard critical applications. With a tower and/or rackmount design, the Marine UPS adapts to adjusting network configurations as facility load requirements change.


  • single phase output – 208/220/230/240V
  • wide input range – 130V to 280V minimising battery use
  • 50/60Hz operation – can be used as a permanent frequency converter
  • phase neutral reversal protection – no risk of unsafe connection
  • high overload capability – continued protection even if overloaded
  • precise output frequency regulation – optimized for use with a generator
  • wide operating temperature – UPS can operate between -10°C to 40°C


  • unique failsafe internal bypass – continued operation even with overload or over temperature
  • 2U design for all ratings – small footprint; all parts delivered for tower or rack assembly
  • hot swappable batteries – simple battery replacement without disruption to the load
  • matching battery cabinets – longer battery life available with the addition of extra battery cabinet/s
  • superior battery management – providing protection to the battery and extending the battery life
  • remote monitoring – easy access and control even for unmanned or isolated sites MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) >730,000 hours – Proven reliability
GE VH Series UPS - CE Listed (700VA-3kVA)

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