AC/DC Flatpack2 Power System

AC/DC Flatpack2 Power System

Network Rail Approved Flatpack2 Integrated Power System 150A-600A AC/DC Rectifier

The Flatpack2 Integrated is a compact power system containing a Monitoring and Control Unit (Smartpack), LVD, battery and load MCBs. It contains a 4U distribution unit and 1 to 4U of PR (power rack) which can house 4 Flatpack2 rectifier modules each.

Used throughout Network Rail sites for many years our DC power supplies are primarily used for telecom applications on upgrades at both trackside and station locations.

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AC/DC Minipack System

Network Rail Approved Minipack Power Supply Systems 48V, 3.2 or 4.8kW AC/DC Rectifier

The Minipack system is a compact power system containing a Monitoring and Control Unit (Smartpack), LVD, battery and load MCBs.

Switch mode technology with resonant topology and high switching frequency is used to minimize volume and weight and to obtain high reliability. The system accepts large variations on the input voltage (85-300 VAC) and draws sinusoidal current with a soft start power-up.

Used throughout Network Rail sites for many years our DC power supplies are primarily used for telecom applications on upgrades at both trackside and station locations.

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DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converter

GWH 100 DC-DC Converter - Single Output | Galvanic separated

The compact DC/DC converter is designed for use in automation systems, power supply and power station engineering, traffic systems and mechnical and plant engineering. The high efficiency, the extensive protection, monitoring and control functions and numerous options are special merits of this series of converters. The Converter is fan cooled and all electrical connections are led over easy to be handled screw terminals.


  • Input voltage 16.8 – 143VDC | Output power 100 Watt
  • DC/DC Converter for wall- or DIN-rail-mounting and for 19″ rack systems
  • Voltage regulated
  • For parallel and n+1 redundant operation
  • In a rugged case
  • Optional configured for rail applications and fixed for shock

Thales Transportation Systems – Engineering has approved the GWH 100 to be used in their applications for two reasons:

  1. the GWH 100 has two separate regulation circuits ( 1 x for output voltage and 1 x for over voltage protection)
  2. the regulation circuit is set to 120% nominal output (please refer to data sheet) so in case of failure, the output voltage will not exceed 120%.

The MTBF calculated is in accordance to ALCAREL for Ground Benigm 40°C, at <1000ft.

The GWH100 is still under evaluation and will be released for rail applications from Siemens Rail Systems at which point Harland Simon will also be able distribute and incoporate into their custom rail UPS systems.

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CE+T Nova Modular Inverter

CE+T Nova Modular Inverter

750VA - 6kVA Modular Inverter

CE+T NOVA is a compact and scalable modular inverter providing a pure sine wave AC supply. In conjunction with a DC Power system, it provides an excellent AC backup solution. Features the TSI (Twin Sine Innovation) technology eliminating all single points of failure with full scalability up to 32 modules.

Typically suitable for low power ICT rack with limited space available and long power backup time required.  Capacity is between 1 and 4/5kVA but can go up to 24.75kVA in one cabinet. Dual source input feeder (AC & DC) with wide AC input range 150VAC to 265VAC. 48VDC Input – 230VAC Output.

The Nova modular inverter features the new EPC mode enabling it to be operated with either an AC feed, double conversion, full protection against the 9 x power related problems or DC with zero transfer time regardless of the source.  Thus energy costs can be reduced as the rectifiers will only be sized to charge just the batteries and not to additionally support the load.

The EPC mode feature is available on all TSI products.

The CE+T Nova inverter series has been approved by Network Rail (PA05/03671).

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