Harland DC Chargers & Rectifiers

Lead Crystal® or Lead-Acid or Ni-Cad battery

The range of Harland Simon Chargers/Rectifiers are automatically controlled chargers for high reliability in critical applications.


  • Robust sheet steel enclosure, floor standing
  • 1 or 3 phase 50/60Hz Input
  • Output, any voltage to 250VDC
  • Standing Loads up to 500A
  • Lead Crystal® or Lead-Acid or Ni-Cad battery
  • Metres, Alarms & Indications as required
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Harland MTS-AN3 Power Supplies/Battery Chargers

Harland MTS-AN3 Power Supplies/Battery Chargers

Harland MST-AN3 | 230VAC and 110VAC

The Harland MTS-AN3 standalone power supply or battery chargers are designed for use in many applications including power plants, substation oil and gas installations.

Available with a 230VAC input and a  24vDC – 70A, 48vDC – 50A, 110VAC – 20A and 220vDC – 12A output, 19″ rack design with options to increase modules for more power or N+1 arrangements.

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Eaton DC Power Rectifiers

24V (apr24-3g) and 48V (apr48-3G) DC Power Rectifiers

Eaton’s 3G series of DC power rectifiers, including the APR24-3G, have been designed for high power density and operating efficiency to significantly reduce capital expenditure requirements and operating costs. They allow a high degree of power system flexibilty through features like horizontal or vertical mounting, universal AC inputs, and a high degree of scalability to allow for future network growth.


  • APR24-3G (24v)
    Access Power Rectifiers are designed specifically for 24V telecom access networks and light industrial applications such as cellular base stations, radio trunk networks and SCADA UPS.
  • APR48-3G (48v)
    Access Power Rectifiers are designed specifically for access network applications such as cellular base stations, Wi-Fi nodes, customer premises equipment, and roadside cabinet installations.
  • Energy Saver Rectifier
    The Eaton APR48-ES Energy Saver Rectifier is designed for communications network operators who are striving to cut energy costs across the network through greater operating efficiency, and/or to meet aggressive carbon footprint reduction targets.
  • CR48-3G (48v)
    Core Power Rectifiers are designed specifically for large scale capacity DC output applications such as data centres and core networks. Each Core rectifier delivers up to 5800W of DC power output.
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Eaton DV2 - 3G Access DC Power with Batteries - 24V and 48V

Eaton DV2

3G Access DC Power with Batteries - 24V and 48V

The Eaton Data-Voice-Video Power Solutions range of DC power systems is designed for converged network applications requiring compact, efficient and flexible DC power supplies.

These DC power systems use the Eaton APR rectifier modules and can accommodate up to four 48V strings of high capacity VRLA batteries. All systems include an integral AC and DC distribution with flexible combinations of fuses and MCBs, and an SC200 system controller. Low voltage disconnect (LVD) options are also available. Eaton Data-Voice-Video Power Solutions are pre-configured for fast installation and set-up. All system settings are fully adjustable in software and stored in transferable configuration files for repeatable onestep system set-up.


  • Intelligent system management features
  • Pre-Configured Software
  • High Power Density
  • Fast On-Line Expansion of Rectifiers (Hot-Swap)
  • High Efficiency and Unity Power Factor
  • Range of DC distribution configurations
  • Integrated Batteries
  • Battery condition monitoring
  • Wide AC input voltage range
  • Seismic rated cabinet
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Full length security door (optional)
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Eaton 3G Enterprise DC Power Solutions

Eaton 3G Enterprise DC Power Solutions

EPS2 Series - 48V. Telecom and IT 48V DC UPS power systems from 900W to 3.6kW

Eaton 3G Enterprise Power Solutions (EPS) offer high density and highly configurable, advanced power protection for IT network/wiring closets, communications/VOIP/PoE network systems, low powered telecommunications, and other mission-critical applications.

The EPS series is a flexible DC power supply with high efficiency and the added reliability of having mission critical loads directly connected to the batteries at all times. A 2U high 19″ rack mount system, available with up to two of the 3G series of 48V Enterprise or Access power rectifier modules, providing a total output of up to 3600W.

The Enterprise systems include an integral DC distribution panel with easy to fit push-in circuit breakers and low voltage disconnect contactor to prevent over discharging of the optional backup batteries.


  • 19″ rack mounting
  • High power density
  • Intelligent system controls
  • Pre-configured software
  • Onboard secure web server
  • Push-in easy to fit circuit breakers
  • Optional Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Fast on-line expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap)
  • High efficiency and unity power factor
  • Easy to use menu & full colour display
  • Optional batteries
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Eltek DC Systems

Flatpack2 Standalone & Integrated, Minipack, Micropack, Rectifier

Integrated 19″ Rack DC Power Solutions

  • Rectifier Modules 400W, 800W & 2kW
  • 48vDC and 24vDC Modules
  • 19″ Rack Configurations: 2U – 3.2kW & 4U – 32kW
  • High Efficiency
  • High Density
  • LVD, Smart Controller (Web/SNMP) and Distribution Options

Network Rail Approved

  • Flatpack2 Integrated System
  • Minipack System

DNV Approved

  • Flatpack2 Standalone Box
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