Custom Marine DC UPS

Custom Marine DC UPS

Custom Marine DC UPS Onshore and Offshore Power Solutions

These products are the precursor to the Harland ProtectUPS® – Marine DC range.

In addition to DC UPS Harland Simon also supplies standard DC products consisting of Power Supplies, Trippers and Chargers.
DC Power Technology features include switched mode, thyristor or linear with redundancy to ensure customer specifications are met.
Systems includes high ingress (IP) protection enclosures, environmental/thermal control, special longlife VRLA, Ni-Cd or Lead Crystal® batteries, switchgear, transformers, communications, etc.

We also undertake detailed design including 2D/3D CAD mechanical and electrical drawings, thermal analysis, type testing, project management, documentation plus commissioning and after sales support.

HPU-M-0001 (Citadel2)

HPU-M-0001 (Citadel2)

Secure DC Power for Anti-Piracy Emergency Communication

The HPU-M-0001 DC UPS provides 72 hours of independent battery back-up power to protect the Citadel system and exceeds NATO guidelines.

The Citadel2 UPS is based on proven high quality longlife and maintenance free components specifically selected to be suitable for marine rugged and harsh environment applications.

The Citadel2 now comes with the higher standard Lead Crystal® battery, proven to outperform any lead acid or gel battery.

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