UPS container unit

Containerised UPS

Typical Containerised Solution Specification:
  • 1 phase | 1 phase, 3 phase | 1 phase, 3 phase | 3 phase
  • 1 – 500 kVA (upon request we can offer personalised solutions)• Autonomy – customer specific
  • Batteries – NiCD | VRLA | Lithium Ion
  • Specialist delivery
  • Maintenence/service plans available
  • UPS fully installed with Battery Racks (batteries can be in separate area if required)
  • Segregated rooms (optional)
  • Enclosures in sheet steel or GRP construction
  • Air conditioning or natural ventilation
  • Scalable Power (expand as you do)
  • Steel bases or open base
  • Cable access systems incorporated to ensure ingress protection
  • Cable containment systems fitted internally prior to dispatch cutting out site install times
  • Equipped with all electrical services, including lighting, power, heating, intruder and fire alarms (as required within customer spec)
  • Internal fire suppression systems (optional – recommended)

View our Containerised Solutions Brochure for more information.

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