High Spec Navy UPS – (Royal Navy)
November 15, 2018

Harland Simon UPS LTD are providing Marine -Navy High Spec UPS for: TYPE 26 FRIGATE

Type 26 Global Combat Ship is a 21st Century warship


Harland Simon UPS LTD, working in partnership with main equipment OEM’s, as a UK manufacturer are pleased to be providing a number of rugged Navy AC UPS and DC UPS systems to be used on the above mentioned project for the first 3 Ships with the others to follow in the future.  The same UPS systems will also be adopted across other navy’s as orders are secured.

As you can appreciate due to the sensitivity of the project we cannot disclose product specific details, but we can confirm that we are providing AC and DC UPS systems that are in full compliance with the various DEF STAN specifications for EMC, along with Shock/Vibration, in conjunction with Lloyds NR.

Due to these excellent UPS order awards has enabled Harland Simon UPS LTD to further establish themselves as a key player for high spec UPS and has allowed us to expand as a business ensuring the people are employed to Design, Manufacture and Support such projects of this scale.

Our UPS are used in many applications where it is critical that the load is provided with clean and uninterrupted power wherever the equipment is installed throughout the ship.

Applications include- Navigation, Communications, Fire Safety Systems, Radar, Sonar & controls for multiple of system types.

Battery Run time is specific to applications typically 30 minutes but can be several hours.

IP (Ingress Protection) can be up to IP54

Our UPS Systems are designed to be compact, rugged – AVM, Front Access for ease of maintenance (UPS and Batteries often on runners) & provided with many options to meet specs issued i.e. Input Isolation TX, Earth Leakage, Colour, EMC Filters & Thermal Controls & operate in wide temperature ranges

We use COTS products where we can which could be conventional AC UPS or a combination of AC DC Rectifiers and DC AC Inverters



Integrated UPS System - Marine

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