It is the policy of the Company Directors to proactively instigate Health and Safety measures to protect the Company’s employees, its customers and other persons affected by its activities.


In particular, the Company will:


  • Fully comply with all its obligations stipulated by current legislation
  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, taking into account all statutory requirements
  • Provide training and instruction as required to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently
  • Actively promote the use of safe working practices throughout the organisation
  • Consult with the Safety Advisor and with Works and Staff safety representatives
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Policy and periodically review it to ensure continuing suitability
  • Ensure safe working practices on site through full liaison with customers and other contractors


All employees are required to co-operate with management to raise and maintain a high standard of safety by:


  • Following the rules and guidelines set out in the relevant Health and Safety Procedures Manual
  • Using only safe working practices at all times
  • Keeping the workplace safe for themselves and others
  • Reporting incidents that did lead to, or could have lead to injury or damage
  • Wearing personal protective equipment when this is necessary
  • Suggesting ways in which safety and/or welfare may be improved
  • Additionally, in the case of site work, co-operating with client’s safety personnel

Harland Simon UPS LTD Health and Safety PDF

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