The management of Harland Simon UPS Limited is totally committed to minimising the effect of its operations upon the environment.  This is implemented by routinely carrying out the following:


  • Using energy efficient manufacturing systems and methods
  • Minimising waste during all manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Using only biodegradable and/or benign chemical substances wherever possible
  • Using a paperless office culture wherever practicable
  • Re-using packaging materials wherever possible or, when this is not practicable, using materials from renewable resources
  • Re-cycling surplus packaging and waste materials wherever possible
  • Collating our own consignments, arranging delivery schedules and combining deliveries with those of other local organisations to minimise transport miles
  • Maintaining Company vehicles in sound running order to ensure low emissions and fuel efficient running
  • Monitoring the amount of energy consumed so that undesirable trends may be detected and eliminated
  • Monitoring the quantity of water used and comparing this with the guidelines issued by the water supply authorities
  • Encouraging our suppliers to adopt aimilar practices for their own operations
  • Assisting our customers, when requested, to safely dispose of their surplus unwanted quipment or components in an environmentally friendly manner

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