Eaton Battery Replacement
May 31, 2019

Harland Simon UPS LTD, as an Eaton Power Solutions Partner, can provide a battery replacement service for the full range of Eaton UPS’s (UPS internal Batteries) & Additional Battery Packs.

Both Harland Simon UPS LTD and Eaton understand that batteries are the power house of the UPS, and when they fail or reach end of life, it could cause critical downtime for customers, which is why we offer a battery replacement service on all Eaton UPS’s, saving you from potential costly problems.

Eaton Easy Battery + Option:

The EEB+Option comes prewired in a “torpedo”, so it is a simple one connecter to plug in the battery, the replacement battery pack for the UPS would be shipped directly to you (UK), and it is all included in the price!

You will be provided with a telephone number for you to call as and when the old batteries are ready to be collected (also included within the price), and one collected, the batteries will be disposed of (all in line with the environmental legislation).

Contact us on 01908 565656 for battery replacement.

Contact Eaton on 01753 608700 for battery replacement.

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