Congratulations to our Field Service Engineers for completing SAFT training course
January 18, 2019

Congratulations to Nick and Ivan who have received certificates for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of SAFT stationary Ni-Cd batteries following an extensive course in Sweden!

We are pleased to say that Nick & Ivan have received their certificates from SAFT following a very intensive battery training course at the SAFT HQ in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

The training course was very well run, with each day covering various elements needed in order for the Harland Simon UPS LTD engineers to become approved.

Nick and Ivan were taken on a journey to understand the battery fundamentals, battery general technologies, and then moving onto the more complex items such as Electrolyte Preparation, electrical characteristics and all battery safety rules.

As the week progressed, the training intensified, with the subject matter moving onto charging principles, Water Consumption & Ventilation, Battery Capacity / Service Test, Battery Commissioning, and Battery Maintenance & Troubleshooting.

The training ended with Nick and Ivan completing a full test, of which they both passed, and so we are pleased to announce that, with our certified engineers, Harland Simon UPS LTD are able to help with your Nickel Cadmium Battery related requirements.




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