Client: Thames Water Project: Thames Water Supply: AC UPS in IP21 Enclosures

A national leader in mechanical and electrical engineering based in Burton-upon-Trent WT Parker has over 90 years experience providing design, estimating and installation of electrical and mechanical building services, including network communications, FM services, testing and inspection as well as the harnessing of renewable energy sources.

Thames Water was upgrading several of their clean and dirty water treatment sites across their region and required 5 x long runtime AC UPS built into IP21 enclosures to back up CCTV and other security systems.

Harland Simon has worked both with WT Parker and Thames Water in the past providing UPS systems built to WIMES 3.07 specification.

Based on a previous Harland ProtectUPS® – Industrial prototype, the new systems with a UPS and batteries plus a large charger integrated within separate cubicles to IP21 standard provides an industrial grade solution suited to the Thames Water application.

Dan Conroy, Harland Simon Sales Manager, said “the new compact solution incorporates many features within a small footprint and this design allows for further expansion within the 19” rack and increased battery capacity within the separate battery cubicle.”

Thames Water is guaranteed an industrial grade long runtime UPS system to back up their CCTV and security systems in the event of mains power failure.

Mark Collier, Site Manager, WT Parker reports “we are very happy with the quality of the products and services provided by Harland Simon. The UPS systems are performing exactly as specified following delivery to site and commissioning.”


  • Water grade UPS built to WIMES 3.07
  • 100VA up to 200kVA AC UPS
  • 5 minutes to several hours autonomy
  • 10 year life batteries as standard
  • Custom build IP21 steel enclosures
Thames water

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