Client: General Dynamics Project: UK MoD Supply: 60+ Rugged Case Mounted AC UPS

General Dynamics delivers capable, relevant and affordable products and services through a culture focused on quality, innovation, continuous improvement, integrity and ethical behavior.

General Dynamics approached Harland Simon UPS Ltd. as a recognised supplier of power solutions to the Defence industry. In January 2011, General Dynamics approached Harland Simon with a requirement for 50+ rugged case mounted UPS systems. These were required by the UK MOD as an addition to an existing contract.

The UPS was omitted from the original design and identified as a critical part of the system to protect sensitive communications equipment from potentially damaging power conditions and to guarantee continuity of supply during power loss, generator re-fuelling, etc.

The UPS was needed urgently to catch-up with the existing long term project and identified as a UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement).

During consultation, Harland Simon offered various possible solutions.

The final solution was a variant of the successful TALON UPS which has been provided to the UK & Dutch MODs over the past 5+ years via BAE/Selex/EADS/Paradigm.

General Dynamics needed a lighter version with additional network capabilities and higher EMC standards, but delivery was critical.

In February, Harland Simon submitted detailed technical quotations and specification to meet GD standards.

In March we supplied a prototype demo unit and in early April we received the order based on a very short and tight delivery schedule.

Later in April we supplied standard commercial equipment for connectivity testing and weight models for system layout design.

May and June was spent designing, testing and resolving system integration issues.

60+ rugged final design products were delivered between July and October in accordance with the agreed delivery schedule.

Andy Parfitt, Sales Director for Harland Simon UPS, said “the main challenge on this project was the tight timescale. We only had a few weeks to modify an existing design which was followed by a condensed production phase of 60+ systems.”

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