Client: Chubb Project: National Grid Supply: Various Riello 3kVA-250kVA UPS

Chubb Systems and Harland Simon UPS Ltd have a long standing partnership which continues on a series of projects for National Grid (NG) where Harland Simon is their UPS specialist.

A government funded project is being undertaken to upgrade the security of their sites to include protecting critical assets such as electric fencing, 24hr surveillance cameras, door entry systems and telecomms therefore the Harland Simon’s submission included a range of UPS capacities and formats meeting National Grid standards and commercially proven to offer value for money..

Harland Simon provided the design, build, project management and commissioning for several National Grid UPS sites requiring 12 minutes autonomy where there is a generator on site or 8 hours autonomy where no generator is available.

ISS 10yr Design Life BatteriesChubb required a number of UPS to support the critical load on sophisticated communications, security and surveillance systems already installed in the event of any AC mains failures. The load varies from 30 kVA up to 250 kVA due to site specific requirements, although the full range of Harland Simon ProtectUPS® – Industrial UPS is available up to 500 kVA.

In addition to supplying the equipment Harland Simon provided full design and product support including their presales packages comprising of full wiring schematics, general arrangement drawings and battery ventilation calculations.

Despite the complexity of the specification requirements Harland Simon put forward a number of site specific bespoke solutions comprising of 3 phase Industrial grade UPS, dedicated battery cubicles fitted with National Grid approved 10 year design life batteries, isolation transformers and other switch gear, as well as volt free contacts to generate alarms fed back to the main control room.

All systems were designed and installed with easy access for maintenance and any modifications and manufacturing is carried out in Harland Simon’s Milton Keynes factory.

The systems now being supplied for Chubb’s gas and electrical sites have gained NG approval and are currently rolling out over the next 2-3 years with ongoing support and maintenance for a further 10+ years.

Nick Sanchez, HS Site Services Manager reports “we were able to offer a competitive cost effective solution which provided a significant cost saving to Chubb / NG, without any compromises to quality or electrical performance.”

Harland Simon is now a key supplier to over 30 such sites and has commissioned systems for 25+ National Grid gas and electric supply sites across the UK thus ensuring that NG meets the new government security standards.

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