Introductory Blog
July 1, 2019

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sophie, I am the Digital Marketing Apprentice for Harland Simon UPS LTD and have been here for 7 months now, this is my first ever blog post believe it or not, and an interesting venture for Harland Simon it will be! You will hopefully be hearing from me on a monthly basis (to start with), getting all the updates in the UPS world, guides to your UPS, advice, opinions and much more to be expected.

Why are we blogging?

In the past few months, Harland Simon have been experimenting with new approaches to social media, blogging being a part of our explorations, we want to reach out to our customer base, share with them our discoveries in the world of Uninterruptible Power Supplies and show a different side to our business. I want this blog to be both informative as well as interesting, an ideal way for people to understand what we do and the general industry we are in.

Who are we blogging for?

There is no easy answer to this, obviously our posts will be helpful for our existing customer base, but this blog is open to anyone interested in UPS’s, or are looking to get into something more technical than a gossip blog. Not long ago I had no understanding of what a UPS was, but over the past months, I have been learning a lot and I can tell you this, it is a topic that is interesting and is ideal to know about in this high-tech society, you never know, one day you may need one too!

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