5 (valid) Reasons to Maintain Your UPS
September 4, 2019

One of the key topics when it comes to Uninterruptible Power Supplies, is the importance of maintenance, and as with any technology, maintenance is advised but not urgent, however, UPS are the exception, in that there really should not be an option to avoid maintaining them. As businesses become more reliant on their power supplies, the support of a UPS is required, and if the UPS fails, there is a great risk that data is lost or your critical load is dropped, which can be incredibly harrowing for any business no matter the situation.

Think of it this way; you are required to have an annual MOT on your car to make sure that everything is in working order and the vehicle is safe to be on the road, otherwise you could be at risk of breaking down or crashing, if you don’t have these checks, you will not be aware of the underlying issues present, and when your car packs up, that could be it! This is the same for your UPS, without regular servicing, any underlying issues can go undiscovered until the UPS packs up, leaving you suffering and powerless.

Raising awareness of how necessary it is to maintain your UPS may be the difference between a secure back up and a potential risk to your server/data. As we all say, I’d rather be safe than sorry!


What Is a UPS?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply is there to provide critical back up power in the event of mains failure or other known power related issues (surges, sags etc.).


1 – Averting Potential Downtime

As I have already previously mentioned, businesses rely heavily on their power supply, and if the mains shut down, it’s up to the UPS to kick in and keep them online, however, if the UPS fails, there will be no back up to avoid this issue, meaning that there will be unavoidable downtime, that could cost the business unspeakable amounts.


2 – Optimising Batteries

The battery is by far the most vulnerable and failure-prone part of your UPS, and if you have had your UPS long enough, you will probably experience battery problems. Once every six months to a year or so, you should recalibrate your UPS’s battery sensor, and once every several years you will have to replace the batteries completely to ensure the optimal performance.

Inspecting the batteries regularly for any signs of defects or deterioration like corrosion is incredibly important too, as without these checks, there are potential dangers physically when handling faulty equipment.


3 – Optimising Efficiency of Your UPS

There are many areas that require regular inspections to ensure that your UPS is performing as well as it can, the UPS itself will need testing, as will the batteries, and ideally the generator, as this will allow the engineer to identify and fix any issues to ensure the UPS runs smoothly. Another key area that needs checking to ensure optimal performance of a UPS is the space around the battery and the UPS equipment, making sure that there are no obstructions and ensuring that there is proper cooling.


4 – Less Wasted Energy

If the UPS is not maintained, then it will not be performing as it should and will drain more energy than is necessary as it struggles to function, however, if it is maintained and checked regularly, then the UPS will be operating at peak performance, meaning that the energy used is all that is necessary for it to run, wasting less and saving you from having to fork out for excessive utility bills.


5 – Preventing Data Loss

This reason is directed more at commercial use, for business offices and data centres, as they rely on a UPS to keep them online and their data secure. When a power cut occurs, the UPS should kick in and keep the network running, however, if the UPS is not maintained, then there is a risk of data loss, when systems shut down, there will be no instant switchover, meaning that files go unsaved and are lost.


It is important to be aware that wear and tear will occur from regular use.  If the room where the UPS is installed is maintained then the deterioration may be less but in more extreme temperatures then the components will reduce in life, and you must keep on top of this. With regular maintenance these potential issues will be spotted and fixed before the disaster occurs, preventative maintenance matters!!!

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