New Year’s Resolutions: Are They a Waste of Time? 08/01/2020

New Year’s resolutions, to be or not to be. In this blog we will be thinking about resolutions and whether or not they should really be a thing any longer…


Power Cuts: A Good Enough Reason to Protect Your Power? 02/12/2019

Power cuts across the UK are increasing rapidly, do you really want your business to be one that pays for the aftermath of a power cut?


Brexit: What does it mean for Business? 29/10/2019

As if you haven’t heard enough about Brexit already! We thought we may as well jump on the bandwagon and look at what Brexit means, when it will be happening, what it means for business and how it will be affecting us, Harland Simon UPS LTD.


True Value of an On-Line UPS 07/10/2019

Understand the different UPS topologies, how they work and what they are useful for, especially the true on-line UPS (which is very important when it comes to larger applications).


5 (valid) Reasons to Maintain Your UPS 04/09/2019

Preventative maintenance matters! Read through our top five reasons to take action and maintain your UPS…before it’s too late.


UPS For Dummies 05/08/2019

Learn all about the basics of uninterruptible power supplies, the topologies available, what they are used to prevent, and much more!


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