Custom Rugged UPS and Power Protection Solutions
for Military and Defence Applications

We’ve been supplying AC & DC Power Solutions for Defence, Military UPS and Rugged UPS applications for 20+ years.

Our extensive product range consists of:

  • Standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) UPS
  • COTS UPS with simple modifications (Ruggedized UPS)
  • Custom designed and manufactured rugged UPS systems to meet with customers issued
    specifications. Tested to exactly meet your requirements (detailed specifications
    include the relevant DEFSTAN (00-35|59-41) and MIL-STD approvals)

We can supply systems to suit your military requirement for space, size, weight, installation
and applications… Form-Fit-Function.

Also, we offer a comprehensive range of AC and DC Power Solutions for the Defence / Military UPS market sector including: Military UPS, Defence UPS, Rugged UPS, Ruggedized Naval UPS, Ruggedized Aircraft UPS, Custom UPS, Marine UPS, Rugged Inverters, Rugged Frequency Converters, Military Power Supplies, Custom Power Supplies, Rugged Power Supplies, Rugged Naval Power Supplies, Rugged DC/DC Converters, Rugged Battery Chargers & Rugged DC UPS.

In addition to supplying Power Protection products and UPS for the Defence / Military, we can offer full logistics support including spares, repair and service.

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