Power Protection Solutions for Risk, Resilience and Security

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD)

Harland Simon offers a wide range of COTS uninterruptible power supplies and bespoke power protection systems to support your electronic security systems in the event of a planned attack including CCTV, fencing, gates and barriers, servers, IT and datarooms.

Potential risk from terrorism to our Critical National Infrastructure demands tighter and safer security measures to protect gas and electric installations, water and sewage plants, transport routes and public places.

The government's Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) directive ensures that if terrorists struck the UK's critical assets then UPS protection would ensure continuity of supply.

The Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD) is part of a regulatory and legislative driver imposed on water companies regarding the protection of its infrastructure.

Harland Simon has a range of power protection systems designed to backup your critical assets.




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Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)/Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD)


The UK's national infrastructure is defined by the Government as: “those facilities, systems, sites and networks necessary for the functioning of the country and the delivery of the essential services upon which daily life in the UK depends”.

A UPS installation is essential for continued electrical support in the event of loss of supply due to terrorism.

Harland Simon has the products backed up by proven technology to support your major assets in the event of attack.

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Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Harland Simon UPS is playing a part in the combat against the modern day pirates of the high seas, especially in the Indian Ocean.

The Harland Citadel2 UPS was designed for Applied Satallite Engineering (ASE) to support their Citadel Safe-Room Iridium/UPS Communications system to protect vessels against piracy.

The UPS provides 72 hours of independent battery back-up power to protect the Citadel system and exceeds NATO guidelines.

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Security UPS Power Protection Systems for Military Personnel

Harland Simon UPS offers a range of AC and DC power solutions for military personnel.

Our extensive product range consists of:

• standard Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) UPS
• COTS UPS with simple modifications
• bespoke custom built equipment designed UPS systems tested to exactly meet your requirements (detailed specifications include the relevant DEFSTAN (00-35|59-41) and MIL-STD approvals)

Harland Simon's popular Rugged Case Mounted AC UPS is currently supporting the Falcon Communication System as used by the army in theatre.

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Securing Public Places

Securing Public Places

Harland Simon UPS has the perfect solutions for ensuring your frontline systems remain live in the event of a major incident in a public and crowded space.

Our Pole Mounted UPS is installed on the same mounting as the CCTV monitors offering greater physical protection against attack.

Using our range of Harsh Environment/Extreme Temperature UPS and Outdoor UPS Enclosures reduces the risk to interrupted supply and ensures continued protection of buildings and public spaces contained within outdoor security barriers, gates and fences.

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