Transport - Road & Rail UPS Sites

  • Siemens UK
    20 x roadside AC UPS with loads ranging from 500w-2000w, various Lead Crystal® batteries with 1kVA and 2kVA wide temperature UPS 
    Total Value: >£80K
    Timescale: May 2014
  • The Tram Company - NET1 upgrade for Nottingham Tram
    9 x replacement rail AC UPS to fit existing footprint, install and dispose of old equipment.  Replace old VRLA batteries with new Lead Crystal® batteries 
    Total Value: >£100K
    Timescale: January
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeBlackburn Starling - NET2 for Nottingham Tram 
    28 x various modular AC UPS ranging from 12kVA - 30kVA supporting ticket machines at tram stops on new extension line 
    Total Value: >£500K
    Timescale: November 2013/February 2014
  • Solutions PT 
    16 x Eaton 2kVA 9130LV AC UPS,, lightweight and rack mounted for integration into mobile trolleys 
    Total Value: >£10K
    Timescale: June 2013
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® range Stagecoach 
    1 x Emerson GXT3 3000RT AC UPS + enclosure 
    Total Value: >£10K
    Timescale: April 2013
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeFerguson Shipbuilders for CalMac Ferries 
    7kVA single phase & 15kVA three phase marine Lloyds approved UPS systems 
    Total Value: >£25K
    Timescale: April 2012
  • Tait Communication for Dublin Bus 
    4  48vDC UPS Eaton systems 
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: February 2012
  • ATG Airports for Critical Ground Lighting Products for Isle of Man & Prestwick Airports 
    9 x Eaton PW9130 AC UPS (5 x 700VA + 4 x 1kVA)
    7 x Eaton 9130 AC UPS (3 x 1kVA Tower + 4 x 2kVA 19 inch rack)
    7 x Eaton 9130 AC UPS (4 x 700kVA Tower + 3 x 2kVA Tower)
    1 x Eaton 9130 2kVA 19 inch rack AC UPS
    2 x Eaton 9130 1.5kVA 19 inch rack AC UPS 
    Total Value: >£300K
    Timescale: 2009
  • Thales - Nexus Scada 
    N+1 6kVA AC UPS system in IP54 enclosure 
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: 2007
  • Optilan/Railtrack - Kings Cross
    20 x 1kVA modified Rugged AC UPS Systems + Batteries + Chargers + Communication Cards
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: 2005
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® range Chloride - London Underground
    19 x Free Standing Battery Packs to support 2kVA UPS’s for 4 hours to LUL specification
    4 x IP54 Enclosures to house 6/10kVA UPS plus 90 minute Batteries
    38U IP54 Enclosure to house 2 x 10kVA UPS with Batteries on shelves
    3 x IP54 Rack Systems each comprising 3 x 10kVA UPS’s, Cross Switch and Chargers
    Total Value: <£100K
    Timescale: 2004 ongoing
  • Thales/Rittal - Croydon Tramlink
    45 x 2kVA AC UPS
    1 x 20kVA AC UPS
    4 x DC UPS
    Total Value: <£200K
    Timescale: 2001-2003
  • Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd. for Nottingham Tram (NET)
    23 x 4.5kVA-6kVA Comet Extreme AC UPS systems for 3 hour autonomy batteries 
    Total Value: >£200K
    Timescale: 2001
  • Siemens - Railtrack East Coast ML
    Supplied 50+ Batteries and Bypass/Distribution Panels to support Siemens UPS Module
    Total Value: >£100K
    Timescale: 1997