Health inc. NHS UPS Sites

  • NHS Bristol University Hospital 
    80kVA Riello Multi Sentry AC UPS + battery packs & alarm cards to support main operating theatres 
    Total Value: >£20K
    Timescale: August 2014
  • NHS Lincs & Goole 
    8 x 3kVA Eaton EX + 7 x Riello Sentinel Pro + Riello Sentinel Dual AC UPS's plus Lead Crystal® batteries sited in cabinets to support hospital comms. 
    Total Value: >£20K
    Timescale: August 2014
  • Saga Health Group PLC 
    60kVA Riello MST AC UPS + batteries 
    Total Value: >£30K
    Timescale: April 2013
  • NHS Barnsley
    15kVA Eaton 9155 + installation + commissioning + maintenance contract
    Total Value: >£10K
    Timescale: March 2013
  • NHS Hants 
    39 x Eaton EX AC UPS 
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: March 2013
  • NHS Bristol
    100kVA AC UPS for Server Room
    Total Value: <£20K
    Timescale: May 2012
  • North Lincs. & Goole NHS Trust
    24 x EVO 1550 + SNMP + Bypass + IPM Software
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: July 2010
  • GR Bailey for Aintree Hospital 
    30kVA Riello MLT AC UPS
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: May 2010
  • South West London & St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust
    APC Symmetra 32kW AC UPS and Site Work at Tolworth Hospital
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: May 2010
  • Daisy Telecom for Luton PCT
    3 x Eaton AC UPS
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: February 2010
  • Daisy Telecom for Luton PCT 
    Eaton Pulsar M 5000 19 inch rack AC UPS + installation
    Eaton Pulsar M RT 3kVA 19 inch rack AC UPS + installation 
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: July 2009
  • NHS Springfield
    UPS Installation survey
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: May 2009
  • NHS South Manchester
    2 x 5kVA PW9135 AC UPS
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: May 2009
  • Glenfield Hospital, Leicester
    Maintenance contract on 3 x AC UPS
    Total Value: 
    Timescale: 2001 ongoing
  • Withenshaw Hospital
    Various PW9120/PW9125/Pulsar AC UPS
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: 2007-2008
  • NHS Barnsley Hospital
    2 x 40kVA AC UPS + installation + commissioning + maintenance
    Total Value: <£100K
    Timescale: 2006-2007
  • Nestor Healthcare (Birmingham)
    2 x 100kVA dual redundant AC UPS systems
    2 x 300kVA generators
    10 x AC UPS + batteries
    Total Value: >£300K
    Timescale: 2003/2004
    50+ power supplies for mobile power carts
    Extended warranty
    Total Value: >£100K
    Timescale: 2006