Oil/Gas/Petrochem - Onshore UPS Sites

  • GSYS for PDVSA, Puerto Miranda, Venezuela
    20kVA 9355 with Battery Cabinet
    Total Value: <£20K
    Timescale: April 2015
  • Tyco - Oil/Gas/Petrochem application 
    Long runtime (24 hours) 48vDC power system to support public address and general alarm systems
    Total Value: >£20K
    Timescale: July 2013
  • Ineos 
    12 x small UPS to support a gas pipe in the North of England
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: April 2012
  • ICS Triples/Silvertech 
    Eaton PW9130/3kVA AC UPS & extended runtime battery pack system
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: January 2009
  • Silvertech - Dubai 
    3 x Eaton PW9155 UPS's + 8 hours batteries USA version for export to Libya
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: October 2008
  • Optilan UK 
    14 x dual DC UPS systems to supply 49vDC to equipment
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: 2006
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® range Silvertech - Russia 
    3kVA AC UPS & 24vDC charger system + high perfomrance batteries in IP54 enclosure 
    Total Value: >£50K
    Timescale: 2006
  • Consafe Engineering - Karachaganak 
    2 x custom built AC & DC UPS 
    Total Value: >£100K
    Timescale: 2006