Manufacturing UPS Sites

  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® range Saftronics - Export 
    20kVA Riello MSM built into IP54 enclosures for Russian manufacturing plant
    Total Value: >£10K
    Timescale: December 2014
  • AND Automation Ltd. 
    2 x Riello 15kVA Multi Sentry & 4 x Riello 20kVA Multi Sentry each with bypass and commissioning 
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: August 2013
  • Broughton Printers 
    Riello 160kVA AC UPS to support 128kW for 60 minutes
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: August 2011
  • Mars Chocolate 
    4 x Riello 20kVA Multiplus AC UPS + extended runtime batteries to support load of 18kW for 32 minutes
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: November 2010
  • TYCO - Norwich 
    Severall 9130/3kVA 60 minutes UPS's + loose batteries in stainless steel enclosure 
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: June 2009
  • Glasswell & Last 
    2 x 2kVA AC UPS systems + separate battery cubicles to provide 5 hour backup 
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: May 2009
  • Dorwin Gear (UK Factory)
    Several small Single Phase AC UPS Systems
    Total Value: <£10K
    Timescale: 2005 ongoing
  • Red Bull Racing (UK Factory)
    60kVA AC UPS to protect main server room + Maintenance Contract
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: 2006
  • Aston Martin (UK Factory)
    10kVA AC UPS & 150kVA Generator to protect main server room
    Total Value: <£50K
    Timescale: 2005
  • ABNA Factory - Maindec 
    60kVA AC UPS & 150kVA Generator 
    Total Value: <£100K
    Timescale: 2004