Lead Crystal® Batteries Reference Site List

Harland Simon Lead Crystal® Batteries


"I will fully recommend using Lead Crystal® batteries on all types of industrial installations".

B. Cuba, Siemens, Pretoria.

Reference Site List


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  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeADT for Thames Water - SEMD  
    7.2HC for various UPS supporting site security projects for servers, cameras and intruder alarms
    Timescale: December 2014
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeBoostfine  
    40AH for smoke protection system
    Timescale: December 2014
  • ADT 
    55AH for UPS security systems
    Timescale: December 2014
  • Ineos 
    100AH batteries to support pipeline monitoring
    Timescale: October 2014
  • BT Openreach/Gratte 
    7.2HC for telecomms in street cabinets
    Timescale: September 2014
  • Crescent Industrial 
    Timescale: September 2014
  • Sutton Communiation  
    7.2AH for solar powered security systems
    Timescale: September 2014
  • RS  
    7.2AH-55AH stock orders
    Timescale: August 2014 to date
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeCEMA for Normanton WTW/Yorkshire Water 
    7.2HC for UPS systems supporting the power failsafe system controlling actuator valves
    Timescale: August 2014
  • NHS Lincs & Goole 
    7.2HC for UPS sited in cabinets supporting hospital comms.
    Timescale: August 2014
  • Dron & Dickson  
    Timescale: July 2014
  • Wartsila  
    7.2HC & 55AH for ship lighting
    Timescale: July 2014
  • GE-Atkins  
    55AH for Network Rail level crossing
    Timescale: June 2014
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeSiemens  
    55AHFT for 20+ road traffic signals systems
    Timescale: April/June 2014
  • C-Fury Ltd. 
    Timescale: April 2014
  • BAe Systems 
    7.2HC for UPS on DNA2 T23 for MoD ship applications
    Timescale: February/December 2014 & January 2015
  • Latvenergo 
    7AH for smart metering
    Timescale: March/September 2014
  • Powerpoint 
    55AH for offshore alternative energy
    Timescale: February/March 2014
  • part of the Harland ProtectUPS® rangeThe Tram Company - NET1 upgrade for Nottingham Tram  
    100AH & 125AH for replacement UPS systems to support ticket machines
    Timescale: February 2014
  • BT/Gratte  
    100AH and 100AHFT for telecomms exchanges
    Timescale: January 2014
  • Selex 
    7AH for Wide Temperature Military UPS
    Timescale: 2013/2014
  • GE 
    10AH for power pylon monitoring
    Timescale: 2013 - 2015
  • British Antarctic Survey 
    100AH for electronic equipment at The British Antarctic Survey's Research Station, Anarctica
    Timescale: 2013
  • Dycon  
    7AH for alarm system
  • Mitsubishi  
    40AH for a 7MW wind turbine trail sites in UK & Japan
    Timescale: 2012
  • Applied Satellite Engineering  
    24AH for Citadel DC UPS onboard ships
    Timescale: 2012 - 2015