Defence/Military UPS Reference Site List

Defence-Military UPS reference site list

Harland Simon offers a comprehensive range of Power Protection Solutions for the Military/Defence Industry.

We are able to offer varying levels of complexity and compliance with Military standards (DEF STAN & MIL STAN).

Products range from standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment with simple modifications up to bespoke custom.

built equipment designed to exactly meet the customer’s requirements and detailed specification.

Products available include AC UPS, DC UPS, Power Supplies and Inverters/Converters.

Harland Simon has many years of proven successful operation in the Defence market supplying power solutions to BAe, AMS, ULTRA, Raytheon, Dytecna, Selex, EADS Astrium to name a few.

Harland Simon works selectively with a few of the world’s largest suppliers of UPS’s ‘as an approved engineering partner’, taking their standard commercially approved and reliable product and then customising it to meet our customer’s requirements.

This customisation can vary in complexity:

  • Simple customisation can be some ruggedisation to securely fix components and cables to help the UPS meet more stringent vibration standards 
  • Or it could be the fitting of additional interfacing or alternative connectivity
  • Complex customisation is the complete redesign to exactly meet the customer’s requirements, this can include special metalwork and connectivity to specifically meet the physical requirements and space constraints plus special testing to certify we meet any environmental or electrical standards.