The DNV-GL Marine Certified Harland ProtectUPS® - certified to IACS-E10 standards thus allowing the system to be installed on all marine vessels quickly and easily.

Harland ProtectUPS<sup>®</sup> Range of Power Protected UPS

The Harland ProtectUPS® - Marine - TA DNV - GL Certified is an IP54 integrated marine UPS system offering comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Critical IT Equipment
  • Thrusters
  • Drilling drives
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Control and monitoring
  • Communications
  • Gas and fire detection
  • Emergency lighting
  • Onboard security equipment

These custom UPS units comprise a COTS AC UPS on runners integrated into an IP54 steel enclosure with sliding battery trays for ease of maintenance and anti-vibration mounts, input, output, bypass transformers all meeting Lloyds certification.