1000W IP54 UPS Systems

HPU-I-XXXX-1000 W | Fully protected and integrated IP54/IP55 WIMES 3.07 compliant UPS systems in a 1000mm wide enclosure.

Water UPS ProtectUPS

True on-line double conversion IP54 protected UPS system (IP55 upgrade for outside installation) with internal static and manual bypasss, also available as convertor.


  • 10kVA - 100kVA
  • Autonomy dependant on load, normally 5 to 30 minutes
  • Floor enclosures up to IP54 (IP55)
  • Internal battery: 5 or 10 year life VRLA or 10+ year life Lead Crystal®
  • WIMES 3.07 compliant
  • Easy maintenance