Alpha FXM Series

Alpha FXM Series

The FXM can operate in temperatures of -40°C to 74°C (-40°F to 165°F) supporting your mission critical applications with clean uninterruptible power.

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The Alpha FXM Power Modules provide constant, reliable UPS grade backup power management for Traffic, Security, Telecommunications and other applications.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) provides power stability in unpredictable environments and constant voltage during variable power conditions.

Temperature compensated battery charging protects batteries from over charging at extreme temperatures, extending battery life.

Event and alarm logging with time and date stamping simplifies and accelerates troubleshooting. Control and power connection panels can be rotated for mounting and display in any orientation for viewing preference. 

Adaptable for vertical or horizontal orientations as well as rack mounting.

Available in the following models: 350W, 650W, 1100W and 2000W.