19" Rack Mounted UPS

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We manufacture a range of rack mount solutions which are housed in an IP54 enclosure enabling the UPS / Power Solution to be installed in dirty, harsher environments.

As an independent Power Solutions Provider we offer the rack mounted UPS solution best suited for your application. We utilise standard COTS product where possible to help reduce lead-times and of course cost, but sometimes COTS product is not possible and so we can manufacture bespoke enclosures to meet with any size restraints that you may have, depth, width and height? Along with other options such as Alarms, Distribution, Step Down/Up transformers, SNMP/ETHERNET communications.

In all our designs the need for maintenance is always considered as an important factor and so we will endeavour to have back to wall enclosures, front access for all equipment and batteries.

Our solutions can be a combination of conventional Rack Mounting UPS systems or can consist of AC DC Rectifiers and DC AC Inverters.

Our 19” Rack UPS solutions can be designed and manufactured for use in a number of industries including Defence, Marine and Industrial (UTILITY).