DC Power Solutions

DC UPS, DIN Rail, Chargers/Rectifiers, Power Supplies and Trippers


Harland Simon is a leading supplier of standard, modified, rugged and fully custom DC Power Solutions suitable for commercial, industrial, marine and military applications.

Our DC Battery Chargers (DCC) and DC Rectifiers are supplied using standard products where possible and our DC Power Supplies (DCP) are suitable for a range of industrial and telecom applications.

Typically, modular in design, we can offer a range of solutions with built in parallel redundancy or N+1 configuration.

The DCT range of Trippers includes a battery and automatically controlled charger for high reliability in critical applications, providing a DC supply in electrical substations and switch rooms for the tripping and closing of circuit breakers.

The DCU range of DC UPS provides regulated and battery backed up power for critical DC loads requiring long support times.

Industrial DC to DC Power Converters available from Harland Simon come in 3 basic mounting formats, either for chassis mounting, din rail mounting, or for rack mounting (these can also be used as standalone units using optional mounting brackets).

These converters can also be linked as part of a system with other DC/DC or AC/DC converters, and can be wired to operate in parallel for higher power applications up to 27kW, or coupled to provide N+1 redundant systems.

Robust construction & extremely high reliability are features inherent to Harland Simon products.