110V/120V Low Volt AC UPS

Harland Simon provides a range of CE Marked, low voltage 110V UPS and 120V UPS systems, COTS, with manufacuring facilities to offer some additional ruggedisation or full integration into the HarlandProtectUPS range of "Protected Power" high ingress protection enclosures, IP54 / IP55.

If required we can also build to your specification a rugged custom low volt UPS to meet with your exact specification (Defence)

On-line double conversion UPS have a wide input operating window with 100V, 110V, 120V or 127V outputs available as a standard setting.

All low voltage UPS systems have a communications port with software and SNMP and network monitoring is available via either the SNMP adaptor or via volt free contacts which can interface with BMS systems or control systems.

Other models are available at additional freight costs.