Eaton UPS

Harland Simon is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for Eaton UPS, so can advise and supply the complete range of standard single and three phase COTS UPS, DNV and ABS certified marine UPS  and 110V/120V low volt UPS.

We supply single phase and three phase, including the full range of DNV/ABS/Lloyds certified rugged marine AC the 110V/120V low volt UPS. Eaton deliver high quality backup power for large data centres and desktops PC's.  We also supply the complete Eaton range of Marine AC UPS, most models are ABS, BV and DNV Approved. A power supply on board a vessel or rig will protect the electrical power supply against failure or damage to electrical equipment such as safety and cruising related systems, commercial applications, special systems on board special vessels and business management support.

As a supplier of Eaton UPS, we can also supply their range of DC rectifiers and inverters. Some of the systems we supply and install include:

  • Eaton 5PX AC UPS 1500, 2200 & 3000VA | Line-Interactive
  • Eaton 9130 Tower AC UPS - 700-6000 VA | Double Conversion
  • Eaton 9130 Rackmount AC UPS - 1000-3000 VA
  • Eaton 9PX 1-3KVA AC UPS - 1000VA-RT/1500VA-RT/2200VA-RT/3000VA-RT | (Unity Power Factor)
  • Eaton 9155 AC UPS - 8-30 kVA | Double Conversion Network Rail PADS Approved