Harsh Environment Power Solutions

Rugged AC and DC Power Solutions for Harsh Environments

The customer can choose from a range of ready made hardened outdoor enclosures, COTS uninterruptible power supply (UPS) modules, speciality batteries and battery accessories.

COTS enclosures and harsh envrionment UPS are available, however sometimes a custom UPS system may be required with higher IP rating hence the Harland ProtectUPS® range which is designed specifically for the end application.

Examples are Roadside Cabinet, Railway Level Crossing, CCTV, Defence Field Support Communications (MILSTD), Marine (IACS-E10) and Water Utilities (WIMES 3.07).

Harland Simon also uses Lead Crystal® batteries within the ProtectUPS® systems as they are designed to withstand extreme harsh temperatures, from -40°C to +65°C, and have a service life of up to 12 years at +20°C, even 7.5 years if used at +40°C, which is 3-5 times longer than VRLA batteries.