IP54 UPS Enclosures

Harland Simon provides standard sized 19" rack mounted IP54 rated enclosures, as well as specifically designing a range of AC and DC UPS systems including custom AC or DC floor standing, or wall mounted IP54 enclosures available in a choice of sizes and finishes to suit the end application.

We can also provide custom Stainless Steel Cabinets for use in pharmaceutical and saline conditions.

Systems are often installed in locations with wide temperature ranges and moist/wet environments.

Factors such as temperature extremes, dirt, dust and moisture put heavy demands on standard unprotected electrical equipment.  (SCADA / PUMPS / CONTROLS)

Our range of integrated IP54 Enclosures are designed to fully meet detailed water company specifications including WIMES 3.07 and can be certified by Lloyds, DNV, ABS, etc. for rugged AC marine UPS power protection systems. Click on the categories below to view our range of Enclosures.

Table of IP definitions