Why a UPS system is critical for continuous operation of ship's thrusters

Thrusters on a ship or offshore rig are used for accurate manoeuvring and maintenance of position and are critical to the dynamic positioning system.

The Azimuth Thruster can rotate 360° and is often used for main propulsion whereas a Bow or Stern Thruster mounted in a tunnel can be retracted into the hull after duty.

Controlled from the bridge, the directions are given remotely to the thrusters but if there is a remote failure, a manual method for changing the pitch can be operated from the thruster room.

If the power to the electric thrusters should fail for any reason then a rugged UPS designed specifically for the harsh environment within the depths of a marine vessel is a requirement.

According to DNV Ship rules Pt.6 Ch.7 – Dynamic Positioning Systems document states “The battery installed for each UPS shall be able to provide output power at maximum load for 30 minutes after loss of charger input power. Loss of charger input power and UPS on bypass power shall initiate an alarm in the DP-control system.”(E103 Control System Power Supply).

The Harland ProtectUPS® - MTA (DNV-GL) is built to IP54 standards and the battery autonomy ranges from 5 – 60 minutes.

The NEW Harland ProtectUPS® - MTA (DNV-GL) range of marine type approved DNV-GL certified IP54 integrated UPS systems offer comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications including support for dynamic positioning systems.

Ship's Thruster

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Date: 15/08/2016



Please call the office to discuss your options or for further information on the ProtectUPS® MTA click here

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