Why a UPS System is critical for continuous operation of an Integrated Platform Management System

An Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) is a distributed architecture system used on-board ships and submarines for the real-time monitoring and control of the vessel's hull, mechanical, electrical and damage control machinery and systems.

Typical machinery, equipment and systems monitored and controlled by the IPMS include propulsion engines, gearboxes, fixed/controllable pitch propellers, power generation sets, power distribution switchboards and electrical distribution centres, damage control machinery such as fire pumps, and auxiliary machinery systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, chilled water, etc.

In essence, the IPMS controls all of the equipment on-board a warship, excluding the combat related weapons/sensors and the ship's communication and navigation equipment.

Harland Simon UPS supplied 16 x Lloyds Approved IP54 Marine UPS systems to Servowatch for 4 x Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) Tankers.

These Harland ProtectUPS® - Marine models support the consoles and auxiliaries across the ships governed by the IPMS ensuring that operations run smoothly and that system failures do not turn into a catastrophe.

When installed on-board any class and size of navy surface vessel, the system monitors and controls all the power modules from the diesel engine and gas turbine to the transmission and pumps right through to the exhaust system, including ancillary modules such as fuel supply, ventilation and fire alarm systems.

Its integrated energy management capability assures reliable power supply and energy distribution in every situation, backed-up by a reliable rugged Harland ProtectUPS® - Marine system.

The NEW Harland ProtectUPS® - MTA (DNV-GL) range of marine type approved DNV-GL certified IP54 integrated UPS systems offer comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications including support for drillship Integrated Platform Management Systems.

Integrated Platform Management System

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Date: 30/08/2016



Please call the office to discuss your options or for further information on the ProtectUPS® MTA click here

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