UPS for Critical Power Systems

Are you prepared for the worst?

What if your critical power supply backup systems experience a power cut whether it be for a few critical seconds, hours or days?

Wish you'd been better prepared?

Don't wait until after the event.

Take a look around our website now and see how Harland Simon Power Solutions can supply you with a range of protected power backup options using our Uninterruptible Power and Battery Systems.

Harland Simon UPS Ltd. is now shipping the Harland ProtectUPS® - a range of power protected UPS systems.

These unique protected power systems are specifically built to the customers' requirements and can incorporate a protected wide temperature UPS and our new Lead Crystal® batteries - operational from - 40°C to +65° - all within a harsh environment proof enclosure up to and beyond IP54.

We can tailor any AC or DC UPS system to meet your specific requirement using standard COTS UPS from many of the world's leading manufacturers and turn it into a system to supply critical power to backup your critical systems.

For further information on how we can help you be better prepared in the event of mains power loss please call 01908 56 56 56 or email our sales team.

Date: 29/04/2015