Why a UPS system is critical for the continuous operation of dynamic positioning systems

Many critical electrical systems installed on a vessel are essential for the safety of the personnel and equipment on-board.

One such system is the Dynamic Positioning which is a computer controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel’s position and heading by using its own propellers and thrusters.

Imagine if the vessel’s input power suddenly fails or is damaged then the ship would lose steering and start to drift possibly crashing into other vessels or structures.

This is where Harland Simon’s Marine range of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) become essential; for the second that power is lost the UPS kicks in and depending on its runtime will maintain clean power to the essential systems on-board until the vessel’s power is restored.

The Harland ProtectUPS® - MTA is a power protection type approved to IACS-E10 UPS waiting DNV-GL approval.

Dynamic Positioning is commonly used within the offshore oil industry typically on-board exploration vessels, pipe and cable laying ships, drill-ships and Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels (FPSO).

Installation of a Harland ProtectUPS® - MTA (DNV-GL) secures the continuity of your business by guaranteeing a supply of clean and protected power to support the various technological elements of a Dynamic Positioning system.

The NEW Harland ProtectUPS® - MTA (DNV-GL) range of marine type approved DNV-GL certified IP54 integrated UPS systems offer comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications including support for dynamic positioning systems.

Ship Dynamic Positioning

Date: 01/08/2016



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