Hybrid Energy declared winner 2016 in the Energy Storage Industry

Hybrid Energy WinnerThe National Business Success Award Institute has declared Hybrid Energy winner of 2016 in the Energy Storage Industry!

The National Business Success Award is awarded to organisations that have achieved excellent results in their industry and serve as an example of successful entrepreneurship.
According to the institute, Hybrid Energy developed in a relatively short time into a leading organisation with a strong positioning in the Energy Storage industry: “Hybrid Energy combines its vast expertise in the field of batteries with an innovative approach, resulting in high scores on customer satisfaction. An innovative company with a unique solution to the issue of energy for many applications.”

What is Hybrid Energy?

A range of smart, all-in-one energy storage and distribution systems for leisure markets, homes and small to medium size businesses.

Thanks to the innovative hybrid inverters and patented Lead Crystal® battery technology, you are now able to determine when and how much of your self-generated solar or wind power you want to store and when you want to use it.

Date: 06/09/2016



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