UK RAF's 90 Signals Unit to install BAE’s Falcon early entry capability


Harland Simon UPS has now completed the design phase of a new contract for the BAe Falcon Early Entry Capability (FEEC) to support Field Communication Systems.

The contract to design, manufacture, test and supply a number of rugged case mounted Communications Equipment Power Distribution Systems (CEPDS) includes a COTS UPS which will protect and support the new FEEC field communications system. 

FEEC is designed and built for speedy deployment into harsh worldwide conflict zones and will complement the existing Falcon system that is currently being used in the theatre of war giving a quicker response.

Harland Simon UPS was selected because of its ability to quickly and competently design and supply a rugged COTS system that meets the exact requirements of the FEEC, along with its proven competence already demonstrated on the existing Falcon project.

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Date: 08/07/2016