Power Protection Solutions for Industrial UPS Applications

Harland Simon offers a comprehensive range of Power Protection Solutions for all types of Industry.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and backup system we select for you is suitable for all industrial environments particularly harsh, extreme temperature ranges and moist/wet conditions.

Our specialism is in the following industry sectors: manufacturing, marine, offshore, petrochemical, oil and gas, transport and rail, utilities including power, water and renewable energy.

The products we supply are selected from our extensive range of Partner Supplier Companies.  These products are supplied as standard, complete with our support packages and can be ruggedised or modified to meet our customer's requirements in our Milton Keynes factory.

These modifications can include:

  • extra alarms or monitoring
  • special high ingress protection (IP) enclosures complete with thermal protection and finished to customer specified colour
  • special build products
  • enclosures and distribution to fit within customer space constraints
  • rugged products with anti-vibration mounts and fixing assemblies

Leading technologies and high efficiency industry products are used in conjunction with a range of IP rated enclosures.

Our steel enclosures can be manufactured to IP21, IP32, IP42, IP54 and beyond - floor standing and wall hung options are available.

A choice of finishes/colours can be offered including stainless steel for pharmaceutical or saline conditions. We provide custom built solutions for any type Industrial UPS requirement, get in touch to find out more.

Manufacturing UPSManufacturing Industry

Harland Simon has designed a selection of industrial AC & DC UPS solutions tailored for manufacturing applications.
These products have been designed to fit into customer's existing control panels or have been supplied within IP54 Wall, Floor or 19" Panels according to the customer's exact requirements.

These UPS range from a few VA or Amps to several hundred kVA with battery autonomies from 5 minutes to 24+ hours.

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Marine & Petrochemical UPS
Marine/Oil & Gas Industry

We offer a comprehensive rugged marine approved units that can be certified by Lloyds, DNV, ABS and others. These products are designed and tested to meet the harsh industrial environment requirements and are normally fitted with AVM's and protected to IP22 minimum. Larger ups systems may also include special batteries fitted on Seismic Offshore Racks. In addition we are able to offer worldwide support.

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Rail Approved UPSTransport Industry

We are a leading provider of Industrial Power Solutions for the transport: network rail, light rail, underground, tram and traffic market sectors including the Highways Agency.

We work with our customers in the transport sectors to ensure they receive the best products and support needed to meet with the specification supplied for uninterruptible power supply systems for rail, tram and traffic.

We offer COTS UPS units, where possible, but when required Harland Simon has its own in-house design and manufacturing team to allow for modifications to the industrial UPS system. These custom systems can include conformal coating of PCB, a change of standard cables to LS0H, higher ingress protection to IP54 and beyond, anti-vibration or special paint finshes.

For specific rail applications we can, where possible, offer approved products (PADS) but if not available we can provide project support to enable the solution offered to go through the approval process.

We are approved vendors to TFL (Transport for London) and others.

Please click through to our dedicated Transport page for a full range of applications and capabilities

IP54 UPS EnclosuresUtilities

We design, supply and manufacture a range of units specifically for applications within the Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewage industries.

These products comply with the various detailed customer specifications pertaining to Ingress Protection, construction, connectivity, distribution, build standards, quality, reliability and availability.

Systems include: DC Tripping and Closing Charger/Power Supplies, AC Industrial UPS, Chargers and Batteries, Inverters, Power Conditioners, etc. all housed within High Ingress Protection Enclosures. All systems are in full compliance with WIMES 3.07.

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