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Harland Simon UPS Ltd. has 20 years experience in the uninterruptible power supply business as a manufacturer of custom design UPS Power Systems reaching out to a niche market within the industry sectors as detailed below.

As one of the UK’s leading UPS manufacturers we work very closely with the customer who has the option to either select an existing model from our extensive Harland ProtectUPS® range or to receive a custom design UPS system meeting a variety of specifications, i.e. WIMES (water), MILSTAN/DEFSTAN (defence), IACS-E10 (marine), LUL and Network Rail PADS Approved.

Many businesses are aware just how important a UPS power supply is to their business continuity plan and will approach UPS suppliers to provide them with a standard UPS, however Harland Simon, as a leading edge custom UPS manufacturer will take the time to establish the end application and will design and supply a bespoke solution.

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Alternative Power CNI Security

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Case Studies

  • Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

    Northern Lincs & Goole has received a bespoke UPS solution of the appropriate form, fit, function with the introduction of innovative new Lead Crystal® battery technology, which minimises ongoing maintenance, repair costs and improves long term ROI.

  • Lloyds Approved IP54 Marine UPS Systems

    Multi Harland ProtectUPS® - Marine systems dispatched to Servowatch incorporating 10kVA 110V GE UPS with 30 minutes autonomy batteries built into IP54 enclosure to Marine standards.

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